Testo Laughter – Bruce Cockburn

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Testo della canzone Laughter di Bruce Cockburn
A laugh for the way my life has gone
A laugh for the love of a friend
A laugh for the fools in the eyes of the world
The love that will never end
Ha Ha Ha…

Let’s hear a laugh for the man of the world
Who thinks he can make things work
Tried to build the New Jerusalem
And ended up with New York
Ha Ha Ha…

A laugh for the sun redballing
Through the thermal inversion haze
A laugh for the nuclear good-time boys
Numbering all our days
Ha Ha Ha…

A laugh for the newsprint nightmare
A world that never was
Where the questions are all why?
And the answers are all because.
Ha Ha Ha…

A laugh for the dogs barking at our heels
They don’t know where we’ve been
A laugh for the dirty window pane
Hiding the love within
Ha Ha Ha…

Tapping our feet to an ancient tune
A laugh for the time gone by
A laugh for me and Kitty in the delivery room
Waiting for the child’s first cry
Ha Ha Ha…

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