Testo LEAVE ME – The Hollies

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Testo della canzone LEAVE ME di The Hollies
Leave me.
If it gives you satisfaction,
slander my name all over the place.
Don’t you have an inclination,
you’re gonna ruin a reputation.
Leave me.

Tell me.
Now I’ve got you in the corner,
won’t you admit you’ve been telling me lies?
I don’t care about you.
I’ll get along without just
Leave me.

It’s so hard to please (hard to please) you, yeah.
Tease (hard to tease) you.

Leave me.
I don’t ever want you near me.
Pack all your things and get out of my sight.
Your love was made of sand.
I’ve had all I can stand.
Leave me.


verse 3

You’ve got to leave me, baby.
C’mon now.
You’ve got to leave me, baby

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