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Testo della canzone Leo (Skit) di Ja Rule
This is leo and I’m the cousin of the bitch that don’t now what the fuck she talk about I am the real physic man next caller my boyfriend is in jail and I wann aknow when is he coming out ok I know he hold on the cards never lie torque reading and I am physic and I’m leo and I know when your boyfriend will be home told on I will tell you the charge is $50 a minute are you cool wit dat yes ok then hold on your gonna hold on for 15minutes hold on hold 15 minutes hold on next caller is my mom havin an affair with my boyfriend this is a very difficult one for me to read because I see darkness in your furture now is your mother a hor yea now see this is whut I thought this whut me thought now does ya mama hod on let me get this togethere hold on it a $50 charge fee a minute are you cool wit dat ok ok then you hold on to 10 minute hold on for you caller who on the line ajayah ajayah what the hell you want I just want hold on you wanna know who the baby daddy is am I right see that’s what me know the cards never lie it’s all in the torque reading now I see in the cards I see a tail one he has short feet ok and I see a fat one now the fat one is poor he’s rather broke is the fat on broke see now girl my say that his name is fred his name not micheal its’s fred see he’s been lying to you girl yes ht efat one been lying to you you know what this lends me to believe it was the other one you was fucking with it wasn’t neither one of them it was the other one know it you would like to know anything else your gonna have to hold on.

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