Testo Let A Killa – ICP Insane Clown Posse

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Testo della canzone Let A Killa degli ICP Insane Clown Posse
I’m sick of this bull shit
All these bitches thinking they’re the fuckin whip just cuz they got a neden
Fuck yer neden bitch!
That’s right an don’t call me sexist cuz I aint sexist
I’m the sexiest but I aint sexist
If I’m sexist then I’m the sexiest sexist
Bitch call me sexy sex sexy sexist!

I see you hoes on TV glamorous models super celebrities
Rolls-Royce fine wines and class
You need to come down to the hood let me spank dat ass
I want a famous hoe,
A bitch on top with some helly bank role,
I been chasin a girl from letters to Cleo
but she broke her neato,
Mariah Carry man forget it
if O.D.B hit it I cant fuck wit it!
Nuttin against ole dirty or nuthin but
I know he at least got herpes or something
I wouldn’t mind fucking Brittany Spears
in a cheap hotel with them ceiling mirrors
Gimme that bitch, in a couple of weeks
I’d have her hooked on crack rock workin the streets
All them hoes fantasise
about juggalo scrubs in between they thighs,
but they too scared to let it be
so instead they fuck Ricky Martin
and pretend its me!

[Chorus x2]
Let a killer fuck you.
Let a killer fuck you.
let a killer fuck you right!
Let a killer fuck you.
Let a killer fuck you.
Never gone back in the night.

Huh? Let’s see where to begin
knock knock who’s there?
a ball sac for ya chin
I be fuckin them business hoes that jock
from them interns up to the presidents wife
Now Shelly aint famous but I still put em in a bone through
the glitzy glaze grabbin a j
I don’t give a fuck,
But Clyde walked in his jaw dropped down
Act like he never seen the butt cheeks of a clown
I had the secr

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