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Testo della canzone Liberation degli OutKast
Album: Aquemini
Featuring Erykah Badu Big Rube Cee Lo]
And there’s a and there’s a
And there’s a and there’s a finnne.. linnne
Too late to pray that I’m on it..
Ya yeah yeahhhh
Y’all uh huh y’all
[Andre Benjamin]
There’s a fine line between love and hate you see
Came way too late but baby I’m on it..
And there’s a fine line between love and hate you see
Can’t wait too late but baby I’m on it.
Can’t worry bout, what a nigga think now see
That’s Liberation and baby I want it..
Can’t worry bout, what anotha nigga think
Now that’s Liberation and baby I want it..
[Big Boi]
(Let me hear it, let me hear it, let me hear those, let me hear those)
Many times I sit back and contemplate
I’m fresh off the dank, but I’m tellin my story..
My relationship, with my folks is give and take
And I done took so much, now gimme my glory
To have a choice to be who you wants to be
It’s left uppa to me, and my momma n’em told me (yes she did)
I say to have a choice to be who you wants to be
Is left uppa to me, and my momma nem told me
No, nooo, noooooooo
I’m so tired, it’s been so long – struggling, hopelessly
Seven and forty days.. heyyy
Ohhhh, I sacrifice every breath I breathe
To make you believe, I’d give my life awayyyy
Oh lord, I’m so tired, I’m so tired
My feet feel like I walked most of the road on my owwwwn
All on my owwwwn, weeeeeee..
We alive but we ain’t livin, that’s why I’m givin until it’s gone
Cause I don’t wanna be alone (I don’t wanna be alone)
I don’t wanna be alone.. yeahhhheeeeee
Is there anything I can say to help you find your way
Touch ya soul, make ya whole, the same for you and I
There’s not a minute that goes by that I don’t believe
we can fly.. but I can feel it in the wind
The beginning or the end
So people keep your head to the skyyyyy
[singers in background over interlude]
Shake that load off, shake that load off (16X)
[unknown singer]
Folk in your face, you’re a superstar
Niggaz hang around cause of who you are
You get a lot of love cause of what you got
Say they happy for you but they really not
Sell alot a’ records and you roll a Benz
Fall up in the spot now you losin friends
All ya wanna do is give the world ya heart
Record label tryin to make you compromise ya art
You make a million dollars, make a million mo’
First class broads treat ya like a nigga po
You wanna say Wait! but you’re scared to ask
Ya world starts spinnin and it’s movin fast
Ya try to stay sane that’s the price of fame
Spending your life trying to numb the pain
Ya shake that load off and sing ya song
Liberate the minds, then you go on home..
[Big Rube]
I must admit, they planted a lot of things
in the brains and the veins of my strain
Makes it hard to refrain, from the host of cocaine
From them whores, from the flame
From a post in the game
Makes it hard to maintain focus
Then from the glock rounds and lockdowns and burials
The seeds that sow, get devoured by the same locusts
Cause it’s a hard row to hoe
if your ass don’t move, and the rain don’t fall
And the ground is dry
But the roots are strong, so some survive
To your surprise, no one voived their cries
You got more juice than Zeus
Slangin lightnin tryin to frighten
Plains dwellers, of the Serengeti
But get beheaded when you falsely dreaded
Melanin silicon and collagen injected
Dissectin my pride, fool I don’t wanna get it started
We be the lionhearted, without a fantasy
It’s like that red sprite, you can’t imagine it
unless you lookin at the canvas of life
and not through the peephole of mortality
Single minded mentality
Gettin over on loopholes
Gettin paid two-fold on technicalities
Clickin your heels, scared to bust how you feel
Pack the steel
Pickin cotton from the killin fields with no toto
I don’t we in Kansas no mo’ though
Midwest or Dirty South
Clean dressed or dirty mouth
Whether robbin preachers or killin Poor Righteous Teachers
You a scared demon
Shouldn’t be allowed to spread semen
And your cowardly lies never defyin the jackals of babble
Runnin with they pack, tail between your legs
Though the man on your head say the story
As you downplay your glory
Cacklin, helpin the shacklin of your brethern happen
Just by rappin..

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