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Testo della canzone Life On The Road dei kinks
Ever since I was a child,
I loved to wander wild
Through the bright city lights,
And find myself a life I could call my own.
It was always my ambition
To see Piccadilly,
Ramble and roam around Soho
And Pimlico and Savile Row,
And walk down the Abbey Road.
So I saved all my money
And packed up my clothes,
And I said good-bye to my friends
And my folks back home.
And I left for a life of my own.
I left for a life on the road.

I’m a real hungry tyke,
And I know what I like.
And I know where I’m goin’:
To those bright city lights.
Oh yeah, oh yeah,
This time I’m gonna get there.
I’m bound for a life on the road.
Give me life on the road.
I said life on the road.

When I arrived in Euston,
I was little more than a child.
And I didn’t know then
That the dives and the dens
Would be so vulgar and wicked and wild.
Mama always told me
The city ladies were bawdy and bold.
And so I searched night and day
To catch a kissable lady,
But all that I caught was a cold,
‘Cause those stuck-up city ladies
Didn’t notice me walk by.
Now I’ve got holes in my shoes
‘Cause I’ve been walkin’ the streets all night.
And I’m livin’ the life that I chose.
Livin’ my life on the road.
I said life on the road.
I want life on the road.
Life on the road.

I was standing with the punks in Praed Street,
When a muscle man came my way.
He said,

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