Testo Lift Him Up – Petra

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Testo della canzone Lift Him Up dei Petra
Album: Unknown
The world is looking for a revelation
We’re always under their investigation
They look at us to hear we got to say
They can’t see Jesus when we stand in the way
They don’t need no more eleveated speeches
We’re keeping Jesus just beyond their reaches
Can’t see the forest for all of the trees
They won’t see Jesus till we fall on our knees

Lift Him up higher and higher
Lift Him up set the world on fire
It doesn’t take much theology
Just lift Him up so the world can see
Lift Him up tell the gospel story
Lift Him up left them see His glory
It doesn’t take any Bible degree
Just lift Him up so the world can see

Sometimes they just can’t see beyond the haze
Or find their way through the religious maze
Just like Zaccheus they’re trying to see
They got to somehow see beyond you and me

Oh – how the world needs to see him
So they can believe Him
Oh – how can we ever hide Him
As if we had denied Him
Oh – How could He ever draw them
If they never saw Him
Oh – How can they see His glory
Without you and me

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