Testo Lightning – Suzanne Vega

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Testo della canzone Lightning di Suzanne Vega
Album: Misc
Cause face is the place
Where the private goes public
And steps through the gate
Take your last kick now
At any regime
Smile no smile
See if they see what you mean
Da da da…
Lightning struck a while ago
And it’s blazing much too fast
But give it rain of waiting time
And it will surely pass
Blow over
And it’s happening so quickly
As I feel the flaming time
And I grope about the embers
To relieve my stormy mind
Blow over
Shaken this has left me
And laughing and undone
With a blinding bolt of sleeplessness
That’s just begun
And a windy crazy running
Through the nights and through the days
And a crackling
Of the time burned away
Burned away
Now I feel it in my blood
All hot and sharp and white
With a whipcrack and a thunder
And a flash of flooding light
But there’ll be a thick and moky
Silence in the air
When the fire finally dies
And I’m wondering who’ll be left there

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