Testo Lili Marlene – Carly Simon

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Testo della canzone Lili Marlene di Carly Simon
Album: Film Noir
(m. david/n. schulze/h. leip)

Outside the barracks by the corner light
Darling i remember how i’d wait for you at night
There we’d create a world for two, i’d wait for you
The whole night through, was there that you’d whisper tenderly
That you loved me, you’d always be
Be my lili marlene, be my lili marlene

I’d give you a rose to show i care,
And wind it through your golden hair
Then we would say goodnight and part,
I’ll always keep you in my heart
With me lili marlene, with me lili marlene

My lili of the lamplight, my own lili marlene

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