Testo Little Bitty Pretty One – The Jackson 5

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Testo della canzone Little Bitty Pretty One dei The Jackson 5
The Love You Save
The Jackson 5
Written by The Corporation
Courtesy of Katy Horning

J5: Stop! Nanana! You’d better save it!
Stop, stop, stop, you’d better save it!

Michael: When we played tag in grade school
You wanted to be It.
But chasing boys was just a fad
You crossed your heart you’d quit.

When we grew up you traded
Your promise for my ring
Now just like back to grade school
You’re doing the same old thing!

Stop! The love you save may be your own!
Darling, take it slow
Or some day you’ll be all alone.
You’d better stop the love you save may be your own!
Darling, look both ways before you cross me
You’re headed for the danger zone.

Michael: I’m the one who loves you!
I’m the one you need!

Jermaine: Those other guys will put you down
As soon as they succeed!

Michael: They’ll ruin your reputation!
They’ll label you a flirt!

Jermaine: The way they talk about you
They’ll turn your name to dirt, oh!

Second verse:
Michael: Isaac said he kissed you
Beneath the apple tree
When Benjie held your hand he felt
When Alexander called you
He said he rang your chimes.
Christopher discovered
You’re way ahead of your times!



J5: Slow down.
Slow down.
Slow down.
Slow down.

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