Testo Little Caesar – Blondie

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Testo della canzone Little Caesar di Blondie
Album: The Hunter
My name is Little Caesar
My friends call me LC
My Daddy’s named the same and passed it on to me
I’m the kinda guy who by and by who wants to be your friend
I’ll make you a happy ending
I loop the loo
I do it good
I’ve been called alot of names some of them obscene
But you think I’m funny and wonder about me?
I don’t worry anymore get uptight or fear
Back in the days of funny funny they called me queer
They used to call me
They called me rudely
I’m a love ‘em and leave ‘em kinda fella a goodtime gentleman
Perform my magic for ya then I’ll make my plan
When I’m gone you’ll feel so low obsession out-a-hand
You’ll find I’ll linger in your mind
You can’t forgive me
You won’t forget me
You can’t live without me
Can’t live without me
You’ll find there’s not enough and that you love too much
Can’t live without me
You can’t live with me
Can’t live without me
Just call me Caesar
You can’t forgive me
You won’t forget me
I’m Little Caesar yea

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