Testo Little Girls – Too Short

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Testo della canzone Little Girls di Too Short
Little girls of the world, you’re all so sprung
15, 16 and all so young
I thought about you just last night
Grabbed my pen then I started to write
A rap that’ll cap like a true blue rap
Not a washed-up almost MC sap
Little girls so fresh and I know you are
Wanna take a little ride in my new car
I see you more than baby, it’s more like hell
You screw a little girl and end up in jail
Even though she seems she’s 19
You’re looking at her body an it’s breaking the jeans
Well you know she’s not, so don’t play dumb
Little girls walking round trying to give me some
But I tell ‘em like this, I’m the player $hort
Playing freaks like you is just a sport
I’m coming way too real and I can never be funny
Niggas like me just want your money
Give it up, cause I’m no lost cause
Little girl recognize Too $hort’s the boss
When they turn 16, we all find out
What little girls like that are all about
So you girls out there, that fit my rhyme
You’d better think twice before you jump on mine
Little girl’s so thick, you might think she’s grown
But if you knew when she was born, you might leave her alone
She’s trouble homeboy, with a big fat

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