Testo Little Jackie – Crystal Lewis

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Testo della canzone Little Jackie di Crystal Lewis
copyright Crystal Lewis, Brian Ray

Jackie had a dad who didn’t have Jesus
He had no hope, no reason to live
One day she told him of the peace He brings us
The freedom God so freely gives

For fifteen years, eight of those were Jackie’s
He wouldn’t hear and he wouldn’t see
Then before he died he asked Jackie
Who’s this man who’ll set me free?

ooh little Jackie…ooh little Jackie

He’s the man who gave His life for me
Not just a man, in fact a King
The blind see His mercy, the deaf hear His voice

I know Him she said, and He wants to know you

Jackie saw her dad go home to see Jesus
Now she watches a dying world
So much in need of hope and of rest
So much in need of the peace she knows

ooh little Jackie…ooh little Jackie

The world despises, the foolish reign
They mock the Word of God we live
Even though they love to hate Him
He loves them so…that’s who Jesus is

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