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Testo della canzone Live Today di Kottonmouth Kings
Live for today now (yeah, yeah, yeah)
Forget about tomorrow (come on, everybody)
When you blaze your own trails, you really don’t have to follow (yo, yo, yo)

When I woke up this morning I jumped out of bed, took a shower puts some pants on, my hat was
Red, I need a grab a jersey then brush my teeth, I need a shave my face throw some shoes on my
Feet, I was fresh dressed like a million bucks, saggin in my ten dicks with a tear on my nuts,
Now theres things to do and there’s people to meet, sets some goals to achieve, Johnny Richter
Whatchu think?

Another day full of new opportunities, another sunrise, another chance for you to be, whatchu
Wanna be, cause you aint gotta be, a follower, your the prophet of your prophecy, it might
Sound like I started preachin, but I’m searchin out the fun, yo I’m always seekin, livin out my
Life like an endless weekend, and I just keep doing it again, and again, and again, and again…

Live for today now (let’s go), forget about tomorrow (tomorrow), when you blaze your own
Trails you really don’t have to follow (follow), free your mind (yeah), your soul is sure to
Follow (follow), live for today now, forget about tomorrow (tomorrow)

Twenty-four seven, 365, one day at a time is how I live my life, it’s Johnny Richter and I’m
Breakin out, makin moves doin things, that’s what I’m all about, I’m tryin to go everywhere,
North, east, west, and south (yeah, yeah) never thinkin when I’m speakin let it all hang out,
What’s comin out my mouth, a little freedom of speech, I said what’s on my mind, and my mind I
Believe, I can do anything, don’t accept defeat, I’m just tryin to get by while smokin on some

It’s a beautiful day when you see the sunshine, it’s a beautif

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