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Testo della canzone Living is free dei NoMeansNo
You’ve had your dreams come true
Made him into something new
Now there’s no turning back
You’ve heard the pistol crack

Living is free, free and at ease

You’ve seen what you can do
More than you ever know
All ways are one to you
There’s nothing left to lose

Dig nothing
Piles of bodies lie inside a hole
Dig nothing

You’ve had your tubes replaced
There’s grime smeard on your face
Your hands are stained with grease
For you there is no peace

Living is
Friction, damage, freedom, pleasure
Piles of shit and hidden treasure
Pay the price
Living is free

My roommate is turning into a monster

He just sits and watches T.V.
He doesn’t look at me, he’s always watching me
He says the free life is best
Why don’t you clean up the mess?
There’s something wrong with him
All his masks are caving in

He doesn’t go out much no more
His clothes are pled neatl on the floor
He hasn’t shaved in three weeks
He hasen’t even brushed his teath
This is not whta i meant
I just wanted to share the rent

His eyes are closed but he never sleeps
He’s breathing, he’s breathing deep
He’s got something on his mind
He can’t seem to unwind
He said,

Don’t you fuck nobody else
Don’t you fuck nobody else

What’s this? I don’t have any tits
You can’t treat me like this, I don’t have any tits

He’s sold the car, he’s locked the door
He says that he don’t care no more
He’s drawnn the shade, he’s shut the binds
I think that he has lost his mind
I can’t believe what i see –

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