Testo Locomotive (Complicity) – Guns N’ Roses

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Testo della canzone Locomotive (Complicity) dei Guns N’ Roses
Gonna find a way to cure this loneliness
Yeah I’ll find a way to cure the pain
If I said that you’re my friend
And our love would never end
How long before I had your trust again
I opened up the doors when it was cold outside
Hopin’ that you’d find your own way in
But how can I protect you
Or try not to neglect you
When you won’t take the love I have to give
I bought me an illusion
An I put it on the wall
I let it fill my head with dreams
And I had to have them all
But oh the taste is never so sweet
As what you’d believe it is –
well I guess it never is
It’s these prejudiced illusions
that pump the blood
To the heart of the biz

You know I never thought
that it could take so long
You know I never knew how to be strong
Yeah, I let you shape me
But it feels as though you raped me
‘Cause you climbed inside my world
And in my songs
So now I’ve closed the door
to keep the cold outside
Seems somehow I’ve found the will to live
But how can I forget you
or try not to reject you
When we both know it takes time to forgive

Sweetness is a virtue
and you lost your virtue long ago
You know I’d like to hurt you
but my conscience always tells me no
You could sell your body on the street
to anyone whom you might meet
Who’d love to try and get inside
and bust your innocence open wide

‘Cause my baby’s got a locomotive
My baby’s gone off the track
My baby’s got a locomotive
Got ta peel the bitch off my back
I know it looks like I’m insane
Take a closer look I’m not to blame

Gonna have some fun with my frustrations
Gonna watch the big screen in my hea

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