Testo Lost – Korn

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Testo della canzone Lost dei Korn
Album: Life Is Peachy
Why can’t I decide
why my feelings I hide?
Always screwing with my mind
that thorn in my spine
Oh sure,it feels fine
wacting all our time
In the back of my mind
That thorn in my spine

Wait to see it before my eyes
Why?Don’t I turn grey?

Looking all the time
at your face so blind
Feeling uptight
always the same fight
Hey man,now decide
go ahead take your time
Kissing all the time
That thorn in my spine

Wait You can’t even see my side
Why?Do you play yourself out ‘dat way?
Why?You and me always hang
Wait weren’t you were my friend?

The pain in which I feel,I feel

Hey man look inside
know your need to your own life
Remember me,guy?
That thorn in your spine
Waiting all the time
I’m doing mighty fine
Remember me guy?
That thorn in your spine


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