Testo Love American Style – The Mr. T Experience

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Testo della canzone Love American Style dei The Mr. T Experience
You’re an anomaly that’s a thing without a name you’re worming it out of me and this worm you cannot change I want to drive you up the wall I want to treat you like a doll I want to write it out in blood I want an oriental rug on a star spangled night my love you can rest your head on my shoulder and by the dawn’s early light my love I will defend your right to cry I want to be there at your trial I want a Love American Style cause I’m a former young american and I don’t know if it’s real or re-run there’s something you ought to know before you think you understand I’m invisible and I’ve got a robot friend I want to tie you to a post I want to make you tea and toast I want to be there at your trial I want a love american style.

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