Testo Love You Like A Son – Deacon Blue

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Testo della canzone Love You Like A Son dei Deacon Blue
Album: So Long Ago
Early in the evening there’s a sun in the sky
Everybody’s happy but there’s a tear in your eye
The times i never wondered
The times i never knew
I’d live them all again
If i could live them all for you

And when the walls are broken
And when they’re on your back
When its scapegoats that they’re after
And they know you’ll attack
Just remember,boy in the silence of the night
Something i never told you

I love you like a son

Later in the evening in the light of the moon
Everyones found lovers ,its empty in the room
When polite conversation
Goes screaming out the door
And understanding people
Leave you lying on the floor

They ask me why
They ask me why
Analyse it, analyse it
They ask me why
They ask me why
But don’t tell
Just don’t say

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