Testo Lovelight – Blondie

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Testo della canzone Lovelight di Blondie
Album: Def Dumb And Blonde
I see my lovelight coming after me.
It lights the darkness so i can see.
Like a river of fire, or a lake of gold, heats my desire when i get cold.

Oh, cut the cord of love’s reward.

The seven sisters and the seven sons at the gates of heaven when day is done, but the seven sisters all have sinned and old saint peter won’t let them in.

Come drink the cup that fills me up.

Up is down.
Squares are round.
A straight line always bends.
Wrong is right and black is white.
Beginnings are all ends.

Like a wall of fire and a sea of blood, i’ll climb the mountain and escape the flood.
I see my lovelight coming after me.
It breaks the dark night so i can see.

When lies are torn, we hear the horn beyond the pale of love’s prevail.

I see my lovelight coming after me.

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