Testo Lover Boy(Remix) – Mariah Carey

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Testo della canzone Lover Boy(Remix) di Mariah Carey
Uh, whoa, whoa
MC’s got a new boyfriend {Yeah}
Mariah and Cameo sitting in a tree

i wanna (4)
i need a(4)
i love a(7)
a lover boy

Is it the glitter on her breast or the gloss on her lips
Hickeys on the chest or the toss of the hips
I’m lost in the mix, so I floss in the sea
Turning out the hits…

It’s the mo’ maker, dough chaser
Now get it right, would ya, heartbreaker
I keep it tight but I’m no faker
You can laugh now but you’ll cry later

I think I like you in ya freak clothes, freak those
In my specialized peep shows
And then I’ll make ya touch ya knees to ya elbows
Toes, girl from the street of Melrose

It’s clear to see I like it when we smoke that
Choke that, I’ll freak that (No doubt)
You kind of got me like in a freeze when you roll out
You got itchy balls from where I blow that

I got myself a lover
Who knows what I like
When he invites me over
I come every time
When my sugar daddy
Takes me for a ride
Whatever way we’re going
It’s delirium time

He’s all mine
And his loving gets me high
Like a taste of ecstasy
All I need is him to be my loverboy

Come on and love me
Give me more
Touch me and touch me
I enjoy the way you rock me
All night long
Come on and take me
Only you know how to make me
Shudder with anticipation
All night long

I got myself a lover
And he’s so sublime
It’s quite a bit of heaven
To feel him inside
So come on sugar daddy
Take me for

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