Testo Loves In Our Hearts On Christmas Day – N Sync

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Testo della canzone Loves In Our Hearts On Christmas Day degli N Sync
Album: Unknown
[JUSTIN] Mmm…ooo
I know great distance still remains
Between us
But this could be a sign to hold on…
It’s the happiest time of the year
Filled with laughter and good cheer
As you watch the snow
Sweet love you’ll hear me say…

[JUSTIN] You’ve got my heart on Christmas
Inside my soul
Your love remains
Love’s in our heart
On Christmas day…

[JC] The days and weeks and months go by
So slowly
We are both wishing in the ?fly…ohh…
As the night begins to fall
Twilight drowns the bedroom cheer
Such a rush with joy
And love it comforts me
And I do believe…


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