Testo Magic Bus – Duran Duran

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Testo della canzone Magic Bus dei Duran Duran
Album: Miscellaneous
Everyday I get in the queue, To get on the bus that takes me to you
I’m so nervous I just sit and smile, House is only another mile,
Thank you driver for gettin’ me here, really expect to have no fear
I don’t wanna cause no fuss, but can I buy your Magic Bus
I don’t care how much I pay, I wanna drive my bus to my baby each day
Drive to my baby every way, it’s time I take on a different way
Rivers and sticks I pass everyday, just to get to my baby
Rivers and sticks that I see each day, cause I drive my baby every way
Everyday, Every way, Anyday
Magic Bus, I want a Magic Bus
Now I got my Magic Bus, and now I’ve got my Magic Bus
I drive my baby every way, each time I go a different way
and my Magic Bus, I’ve got a Magic Bus, I want a Magic Bus
Everyday you’ll see the dust, cause I drive my baby in a Magic Bus
Magic Bus, Magic Bus

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