Testo Mamba – Marc Almond

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Testo della canzone Mamba di Marc Almond
And tonight the look that branded me
Was like a pool of burnt out gasoline
Shiny brown skin like the melting tar
On a sticky summer road
Finger on the trigger
Words like bullets blast the brain
Nails a brittle edge of a breaking glass in a bar room brawl
Lay myself like a big jack rat
Limp and lazy on the sallow soaked floor
And now youre feeling sorry
Now Im shattered sad and worn out
Ragged raped of mind and soul
Empty like an ashtray
Damp and dirty grime and grease
A broken hearted effigy
A bone cracked cranium face frozen about you
The cheap wine that you drown the million little devils in your
Stained your mouth and leaves a purple trail down heartache lane

To slash my sickly senses leaving me in my own hell
The silent sob of shaking shoulders as the candle drips and dies

Driving out the tear smeared figure that I used to know as you (you)

Your heel grinds out the cigarette stub you used to know as me
Take a sip out of the dirty glass that helps to glitter up your dirty
little life
Loneliness may eat me up
Keep determined to survive this time
And skin like cocaine numb and yellow cut with poisoned pain
Feel so shot and shocked and shattered and shamed
But the hero and the heroine
That scars and helps me mellow out again
And close my eyes in ecstasy of cleaning out the decaying crimes

That are sinking me in self pity
Meet my eyes in fired goodbye
Like a flick knife in the chest
And just a tiny touch of you
So dark and damned and easy
Hope fallen the prey
To a thousand use and abuse ems
For I know that in the end the poison darts of hate
Will eat you up and will rise up
From the oily sea of my waxy lazy gloom
And stick the final pin t

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