Testo Maybe We Should Just Sleep On It – Tim McGraw

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Testo della canzone Maybe We Should Just Sleep On It di Tim McGraw
Album: All I Want
I got an empty feelin’
When that movin’ van pulled up
It got a whole lot emptier
As I watched them fill that truck
And when they carried out your clothes
It took my breath away
Now they’re headed for that bed
The thought keeps runnin’ through my head


Baby, maybe we sould just sleep on it tonight
And give our hearts just one more chance
To change our minds
I could be wrong but goodbye
Just don’t feel right
So, baby, maybe we should just sleep on it tonight

I’ll pay them boys to stop right now
And leave that truck out on the curb
The TV and the phone’s packed up
So we won’t be disturbed
There’s not a light left in this room
Just a shadow of a doubt
So lets make sure we don’t give up
Before we’ve thought this through enough

(Repeat chorus

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