Testo Merry-Go-Round (English Version) – Abba

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Testo della canzone Merry-Go-Round (English Version) di Abba
Album: Miscellaneous
I have tried in vain, never had success
So it seems my life is nothing but a mess
I have lost my only friend
Now it seems I have to start again

Merry-go-round, where am I bound
With my love and feelings, merry-go-round
Who wants to kiss me, and hug me and miss me
Yes, who wants to do it, I wish that I knew it
Merry-go-round, wish I had found
Somebody to care for, where am I bound
Life is so lonely, if life is just only
To love when my loving goes round and round

Looking for someone who would want to stay
I might find her with a bit of luck one day
But who knows, so until then
I can only try and try again

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