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Testo della canzone Method Of Modern Love di Hall & Oates
Album: Miscellaneous

In the moon-light
Under star-light
Songs old as the night are what I’ve been dreaming of
Everybody’s hard as iron
Locked in a modern world
Dreams are made of a different stuff

I believe love will always be the same
Ways and means are the parts subject to change

It’s a method of modern love
[Repeat Chorus]

I can call you
Got your number
Share my life with you a thousand miles away
If you’ve hurt me
I haven’t shown it
Time’s too tight to fight
And we’re never face to face
Style is timeless and fashion’s only now
We’ve got the ways no one needs to show us how

[Repeat Chorus 4x]

It’s a modern love
[Chorus] I know what you’re dreaming of
[Chorus] What we’ve got is a method of–modern love
[Chorus] (It’s a method of)
It’s a method of
Modern love
[Chorus] (We know what we’re doing, don’t we)
We know what we’re doing, don’t we
[Chorus] In the moon-light, in the star–songs old as night
Oh what are we dreaming of?
(It’s a method of)
It’s a method of
Modern love

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