Testo Mezmerize – Ja Rule

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Testo della canzone Mezmerize di Ja Rule
Haha yeah
What up Ma?
How u been?
Yeah I know, I know
It’s all good
Murder Inc.

Girl your stare, those eyes I
~Love it when you look at me baby
Your lips, your smile I
~Love it when you kiss me baby
Your hips, those thighs I
~Love it when you thug me baby
And I can’t deny I
~Love it when I’m with you baby

I got a fetish for fucking you with a skirt on
On a back street in the back seat of a Yukon
whats taking so long?
I’m getting extra impatient waiting for you to tell a nigga to move on
Between me and you we can find each other and flyin abroad in my private G2
I ain’t tryin’ to G you ma I’m just tryin’ to see you
Bend over you know how we do it, feet to shoulders
Bring heat to the coldest night so ferocious
back in the street promoting the dick game its potent
‘cause in the bed a nigga go hard like Jordan
sweat pourin’, love the way you be moanin’
grippin’ the sheets lookin’ at me lickin’ at me
‘cause every woman just wanna be happy
and its crazy but baby I
~Love it when I’m with you baby


I wanna get away
‘cause you know like I know
and there’s a better day coming
And I’m hook on your lovin’
Believe me ‘cause when your holdin my body i know you need me
wait for me baby
Ive been goin’ half crazy for you love
and i was told that the sex is better than drugs
then get addicted
boy listen, Im the only piece of the puzzle your missin’
like when we’re kissin’ Bye Bye Bye
you got a girl that’ll Ride, Ride, Ride
So take me tonight so you can do what you do to me baby


Shorty, Are you really gettin’ bored with me or him
cause th

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