Testo Mindstate – THREE 6 MAFIA

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Testo della canzone Mindstate di THREE 6 MAFIA
[Gangsta Boo]
I tried to warn ‘em now they gunna
Feel the bitches of the devil’s daughter
Horror all because they followed up from sites so quick in sorrow
There is no tomorrow
Armageddon is here to close it and
Smoking on some green
Thinking of a plan to rob a man
ScareCrow my nigga, do you think that I can do this shit?
Do you think I can get away so smooth after I hit this bitch?
It can be done so all for one and one for fucking all
Who got them 9s? Who got them Tecs? Fuck alla y’all!

Psychodelical spirits they spiral inside a kaleidoscope
What would happen if I traveled back in time,
And replaced the Ten Commandments with something I wrote?
The world warfare ended some thousands of years ago by
the rapper Lord Infamous ScareCrow
Happiness is not even an option my friend it is
something that you’ll never know
Believe superstitious swampbies and zombies, sea
monsters and sorcery,
Witches, genies, be-witches
Give the ScareCrow permission
Keys to the door way from all the regions of your mind
I explain the unexplainable myths and times

[Chorus: Scarecrow (repeat 4X)]
Triple 6 is my mindstate
Pre-occupied with devil shit
Trying to survive through this crime rate

[DJ Paul]
Sitting on the porch
Trying to torch
To the light green
Weed then proceed
To my mission as I allocate
Meanwhile the sunset
Trees blowing spookiness
Twist the doorknob, torn my bible inside was the massive Tec
So I snooped
Coop and boop
Load up and take a two with me man
Key to the ceiling is what they got for me to come a weary saint
Kick some doors
Put some hoes
On some mother fucking flo

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