Testo Mothers Milk – Swans

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Testo della canzone Mothers Milk degli Swans
Album: Unknown
When they crucify your body
On the white wall above your bed
The words your body bleeds down
Will describe my happiness
The joy l’m feeling now
As the universe withdraws
Is equal to the pain
My mother choked out from her jaws
As she endured without complaint
Then laid me out into the sun
Like some skin from in her throat
Like a living piece of scum
Like a red sack full of failure
Infested with my future crumbs
Of pleasure pain and fear and hatred
And hunger for your helpless tongue
With your naked back on gravel scraping
And your claws hooked in my neck
You know l’m just your little infant crawling
Down your bloody stinking mess
And all you people I once knew
You betrayed me once too much
l’d like to sew your eyelids shut
While planting seeds of hatred in your guts
Then masturbating slow and lazy
I’ll feel the pain that you’ll soon feel
When my memories infect you
With the disease that never heals

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