Testo Motion Pictures – Neil Young

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Testo della canzone Motion Pictures di Neil Young
Album: On The Beach
Motion pictures on my TV screen, a home away from home, livin’ in between;
But I hear some people have got their dream.
I’ve got mine.
I hear the mountains are doin’ fine, mornin’ glory is on the vine,
And the dew is fallin’, the ducks are callin’.
Yes, I’ve got mine.

Well, all those people, they think they got it made;
But I wouldn’t buy, sell, borrow or trade
Anything I have to be like one of them.
I’d rather start all over again.

Well, all those headlines, they just bore me now;
I’m deep inside myself, but I’ll get out somehow,
And I’ll stand before you, and I’ll bring a smile to your eyes.
Motion pictures, motion pictures

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