Testo My Love, Sweet Love – Babyface

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Testo della canzone My Love, Sweet Love di Babyface
Album: Miscellaneous
Written by babyface (1995)
Performed by patti labelle

My love, sweet love
With you nothing else matters
You’re my heart, and my heart is yours
My love, sweet love
For me there’s no one better
Cross my heart, i could not love you more

And i swear to you, there’s no one more important
And i trust you with my life
So i pledge my heart to you


Cause with you, my world is filled with so much
When i’m blind, you are my eyes
So i pledge my trust to you


And i swear to you, that i will always love you
And trust you with my heart
So i pledge my world, i pledge my world, i pledge my world to you


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