Testo My Song – Moody Blues

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Testo della canzone My Song dei Moody Blues
Album: Every Good Boy Deserves Favour
(Mike Pinder)

I’m going to sing my song
And sing it all day long
A song that never ends
How can I tell you, all the things inside my head.

The change in these past years
Has made me see our world
In many different ways
How can I tell you, love can change your destiny.

Love can change the world
Love can change your life
Do what makes you happy
Do what you know is right
And love with all your might
Before it’s too late

Where did I find all these words
Something inside me is burning
There’s life in other worlds
Maybe they’ll come to earth,
Helping man to find a way.

One day I hope we’ll be in perfect harmony
A planet with one mind
Then I could tell you
All the things inside my head

Repeat 1st verse

I’m going to sing my song
A song that never ends.



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