Testo Nation Riders Anthem – Too Short

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Testo della canzone Nation Riders Anthem di Too Short
I touch down in Atlanta with the dangerous crew
Grab the microphone, spit this game at you
It never ends, I just keep goin’
Pimps keep pimpin’, Hoez keep ho-in’
And niggaz like me, never stop hustlin’
Put yo’ mind to it, makin’ money ain’t nothin’
I flip the script, came with this nation-wide shit
All I get is love, so thats all you gonna get
Out here, niggaz come from everywhere
Trynna relocate, trynna become playaz
Tryin’ to survive the game you know it ain’t easy
That’s why they roll with the homeboy sheezy
I got about a quarter-million hardcore troops
We got niggaz in yo’ town too
So if it ain’t you I hope you gots no problem
‘Cause we might have ta solve ‘em

From city to city, we got your back
Ain’t nothin but pimps and G’z, we ride like that
Keepin’ the top drop, maintainin’ that bump in yo’ trunk
Affiliated with us so you know it’s gon’ bump
We nation riders, we lead the resident
Verbal assasinators, and dog is the president
First round draft picks from all over the world
Get ready to lock and load, and let the drama unfold

Niggaz always tryin’ ta slip me demos
Backstage chillin, gettin’ in the limo
But i dun’ click up with these nation wide niggaz
You ain’t already bumpin’ and you can’t ride wid us
Natural born killaz, boys in the hood can ya fil’ us?
We make the noise sound good, This ain’t a game
We ain’t trippin’ dummy, we nation wide man, we just gettin’ money
Basin’ A-T-L, we got tapes for sale
And if you real G’z, we got CD’s
House hip hop, booty shake, west coast
We the kinda niggaz make ya loose your best hoe
Where she at? They got her on the tour bus, way in t

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