Testo Nature Boy – Primus

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Testo della canzone Nature Boy di Primus
Album: Pork Soda
I pull the blinds then I take my clothes off
Dance around the house like nature boy
My genitalia and pectoral muscles aren’t quite what I would like them to be
But you don’t see me
No one can see me

I pull my blinds
Fill out my income tax form
Pen in hand I write so legibly
I have my kitty. His name is Allowishus, I stroke him
But you don’t see me
No one should see me

I pull the blinds
For the sun glares off my tele and I find it quite so irritating
I have my videos-loads of Ren and Stimpy
Bottom-a bit of pornography
But you don’t see me
No one should see me

Well, I’ve been known to tell a tale
in two and three and four, and I’ve been
Persecuted since I sailed in thorugh the door,
and I’ve been known to sing a song in three
and four and five, and I’ve been getting my
ass chewed, since the day arrived here…..

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