Testo New Times – Violent Femmes

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Testo della canzone New Times dei Violent Femmes
Album: New Times
(Walter Mehring/Gordon Gano)

New times, new times, new times
Good morning, good morning, good morning

I’m the guard
At one time this was rather pleasant
The poets they still had to muse
Over the classicism of clean shoes
But who today still knows a button stick

Well, that’s the new times
That’s the new times
That’s the new times

The girls would lie down before us
First one went dancing, then behind the bushes
Today you have to run through twenty places
Get drunk on saccharin and methyl
And then you still don’t get them that far


Now take it easy there in the early morning
If somewhere there lies a cadaver
Or something is foul in the state
You can be sure that a writer is not far behind
With his Excellency I only say
Hands off literature
The laurel wreath one gets today
Second hand so to speak
>From the Empire’s stores
Sold underhand at the Alexanderplatz
With all the wigs and costumes
Twitching from the shoulder one is informed


New times, new times, new times

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