Testo Newest Industry Mould – Husker Du

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Testo della canzone Newest Industry Mould degli Husker Du
Album: Zen-Arcade
Been through mass destruction once,
but once was not enough.
Said we want a second chance,
and all they say is tough.
A world where science went too far
there’s no way to survive.
Why can’t we get this thing straightened out,
I want to stay alive.
They burned and bombed the East and North,
and there’s no place left to go.
The sun belt’s overcrowded
so let’s annex Mexico.
The Peso’s only worth a dime,
but they’ve got all that land.
No need for a civil war
we know they’ll understand, right?
Is that how you like it?
Factories left unattended,
crumbling to the ground.
We tried to keep them running,
but there’s no more oil around.
We used it all to fight a war
that neither side could win.
Vietnam was little league
compared to where we’ve been.
Now we live in caves and huts,
and we don’t have pay TV,
and everyone is signing up
for the newest industry.
Standard Oil goes solar power,
all try to make a buck.
So I’ll sit around and smoke cigarettes,
and I’ll babble -what the fuck

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