Testo Night Magic – The Promise – Leonard Cohen

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Testo della canzone Night Magic – The Promise di Leonard Cohen
Album: Leonard Cohen
Judy) Once I was happy to
Roam through the gold and blue
Now something haunts me
I know it’s real
Someone returns
The desire I feel
(Angels) We could have passed him by

(Judy) Should have passed him by
So many others cry

(Angels) One more human cry

(Judy) So many others
Reaching for
A thread through the night
Or one lover more

He has a dream

(Angels) It’s his dream

(Judy) I dream it too

(Angels) It’s not your dream

(Judy) He dreams of the promise
We swore we would come through

(Angels) The promise is not yours alone to honor

(Judy) But we said we’d…

(Angels) This is not our part

(Judy) Open his heart

(Angels) Now it is open

(Judy) No, now it must start

(Michael) You promised me whatever was in my heart

(Angels) We promised him whatever was in his heart

(Michael) You swore that I could speak from the heart
(Angels) Yes, we said he’d speak from his heart

(Michael) Now I have chosen
And you must obey

(Judy) I will obey

(Michael) It’s my heart that commands
And it must have its way
I want you
I need you
I can’t live without you

(Judy) Your heart commands me
And I will obey you
I need you
I can’t live without you


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