Testo Night Magic – Wishing Window – Leonard Cohen

By | 28 Luglio 2011

Testo della canzone Night Magic – Wishing Window di Leonard Cohen
Album: Leonard Cohen
(Angels) Come, sleeper to the window, do you know
Us know? Have we changed? Have you seen us here
Before? Do you remember long ago
You summoned us across the high frontier
Of sleep, and bid us urgently appear.
You called, we came, we waited every night,
Like crystals in solution coming clear,
Until your dream was sharp enough and bright
To waken you with stabs of appetite.
(Michael) Is this the moment in my story when
The messengers of destiny prepare
The usual historic specimen,
Some lonely little hero starving there,
And feed him with the fruits of solitaire?
Is this my miracle of bread and fishes?
This the mystery of answered prayer?
Is this my table laid with golden dishes?

(Angels) Let us not say prayer, let’s just say wishes.
Don’t stand there dreaming, let us in,
It wasn’t all that easy getting here. We had
To metamorphosize at least a hundred
Thousand times through all the dreary realms of
Sense, just to get us from the astral, to
The mental, to the solid and the dense.
And that’s not counting countless times we spent
Manifesting aimlessly as
Elements of chaos in the undifferentiated
Anti-universe before
We even had a chance to be unborn
As shadowy particals in streams of light —
Now hurry up, we haven’t got all night!

(Michael) What am I supposed to do?

(Angels) Ask for something.

(Michael) I can’t think.

(Angels) Come on darling.

(Michael) Help me!

(Angels) You can ask for peace on earth. There’s a few
That do. Or you can ask for peace of mind.
It’s very rare but we’ve had one or two.
Or ask that human suffering unwind
And justify itse

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