Testo No Blind Eyes Can See – Lacrimosa

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Testo della canzone No Blind Eyes Can See di Lacrimosa
Album: Inferno
And you didn’t want to seeEmpty pages of your diaryPoisoned mind kept dreaming
Sunken thoughts of eternityIn the world of dust
Frost deep in your cold, clod heartNo blind eyes can seeThere is no reality
Between the laughterAnd the tearsYou lost your fearGot stucked to past
Couldn’t see the lightFrom the dustYou changed your mask
Sealed your pages with trustYou tried to be safeBut time saves no-one
Chain of tearsHandful of trustIn the world of dustChain of tearsHandful of dust
In the world wich can’t lastI can hear it reachingI hear it whispering
Little by little it killsNo blood to bleedNo heart to beatIt came to get – you
Don’t turn your back on itYou know it waitsAnd tries to put you in chains
Momentary painWhen the walls of your dreamcastle fell
You’re hiding in a fairytaleworld full of fantasiesprinces killed the dragons
and the heroes always survivedyou wanna know your destiny
so you skip to the last pageChain of dreamsHands full of dust
in the moment of the pastChain of tearsHeart full of scars
But the pain doesn’t lastpinful tearsYou’d never trustSo you hide to the past
Chain of timeNo time to cryCause forever you can’t hideI can hear it….
The day rises againAnd you hear the wings of the timePut down your swords
Listen to the whisper in the windTime changes everythingBut you have to wait
Try to save your soulBefore it is too late

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