Testo No One Said It Would Be Easy – Sheryl Crow

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Testo della canzone No One Said It Would Be Easy di Sheryl Crow
Album: Tuesday Night Music Club
It’s obvious the trouble we’re in
When your father pulls up in a Mercedes Benz
He says he just happened to be in the neighborhood
But before he leaves he slips the landlord the rent
You say, It’s just a question of eliminating
As you throw your dinner out the kitchen door
You say, I know how you try

But honey, let’s eat out tonight

No one said it would be easy
But no one said it’d be this hard
No one said it would be easy
No one thought we’d come this far

You can’t seem to ever fold up a shirt
I bring it up and you think I’m a jerk
But I think we’re here to stay
I can’t imagine it any other way


Sometimes I wonder who he’s picturing
When he looks at me and smiles


Oh, and look we’ve come this far

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