Testo No Other Love – BARRY MANILOW

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Testo della canzone No Other Love di BARRY MANILOW
There were no violins
There were no soft guitars
Hot summer love under the city stars
I was Mr. Dynamite
And you were my only girl
We held each other through the night
Caught in the whirl

[Chorus:] No other love
In all of the world
In all of my life
There was no other love

There was no fireside
No Beaujolais for two
Winter was cold but we had me and you
All the words we used to say
All the crazy plans we made
We were so nieve that way
So unafraid


I don’t know where it went
Turned into yesterday
Time comes and goes like music in a play
Looking back I still don’t know
Why we ever had to end
And it’s so hard letting go
Of what we had then


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