Testo Nobody Does It Better – Too Short

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Testo della canzone Nobody Does It Better di Too Short
Funky fresh on the microphone

Too $hort
Too $hort

[ VERSE 1 ]
See, I’m fresh like always, I’m comin at you
And you know I won’t stop till I’m through
So get on it. now is the time
Too $hort, baby,’s gonna spit that rhyme
At you, cause I’m jammin, so check me
I play the music, even made the beat
Cause I’m the most rappin, most rhymin
Rollin in a drop-top straight high-sidin
On you, boy, I’m poppin the most
I come from Oakland, don’t play me close
Cause I’m a player, love to play this game
I get funky out here, pumpin the name
Too $hort, the one and only, I just rock it
Fat bankrolls in my pocket
Call me ‘the dirty rapper’, I’ll say, ;Sure ;
But I’m a young black entrepreneur
I’m an MC, right? I own a company too
Programmed the drums and made the groove
So when you look in my face you see a wealthy man
I hope it’s not hard for you to understand
I’m the businessman, it’s not the same
I’m treated like a dope dealer runnin the game
And you wonder why I can’t get no peace
I’m makin more than the chief of police

Too $hort

[ VERSE 2 ]
Now that I’ve established one fact
I came here to rap
You got a choice to make about me
Can I get busy, are my raps too weak?
Boy, you’re too grown, don’t say I’m borin
Just because you know I come from Californ-
ia where many rappers get no respect
I’m at home in a tape deck
I get played and played until it’s all played out
Sucker MC’s come to my house
They want a contract, get signed up
But like toys they need a good wind-up
Then the other suckers, sayin no names
Rap on the mic and use New York slang-acap

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