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Testo della canzone Nyc (Correct) della Disney
NYC, what is it about you
You’re big, you’re loud
You’re tough
(”Will you be needing the car?”
”No, i think she’s been cooped up long enough.”)

NYC, i go years without you
And i can’t get enough
Enough of cab drivers answering back
In a language far from pure
Enough of frankfurters answering back
Brother, you know you’re

In NYC, too busy, too crazy
Too, hot too, cold
Too late, I’m sold
Again on NYC

NYC, the shadows at sundown
The roofs that scrape the sky
NYC, the rich and the run down
The big parade goes by

What other town has the empire state
And a mayer 5 foot 2
No other town in the whole 48
Can half compare to you

You make more post cards
You crowd, you cramp
Your still the champ
Amen for NYC

The shimmer of Times Square
The pulse, the beat, the drive
The city’s bright as a penny arcade
It blinks, it tilts it rains

To think i lived here all of my life and never seen these things

NYC, just got here this morning
3 bucks, 2 bags, 1 me
NYC, i give you fair warning
Up there in lights, i’ll be
Go ask the gerschwins
Or Coffman and Heart
The place they love the best
Though california plays big for their art
Their fan-mail comes adressed to
NYC, tomorrow a pent-house
Thats way up high
Tonight the ”Y”
Why not, it’s NYC

NYC your standing the lonely
You crowd
You cramp
You’re still the champ
Amen for NYC

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