Testo Obesion (English Remix) – Aventura

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Testo della canzone Obesion (English Remix) degli Aventura
Album: Unknown
Yo yo this is the remix
(Phone rings) Hello…
Shhh…listen up I gotta few words to tell you

It is 5 in the morning, I’m feelin kinda lonely
On top of that I’m horny, and I need you here with me.
Did I mention I can’t sleep? You’re always in my dreams
Y si no estas conmigo, I won’t be feeling right
Today I met your man, just smiled and walked away
To know how soon his girl, just might become my wife
And he’s no competition, let me give you a reason
You know you don’t love him, cuz he is not the one
You know he’s kinda wack, and that is so so sad
To see how such a beauty, is wasting all her time

No, I know it ain’t love
Lo que tu sientes se llama obsesion
Una ilusion, that plays with your mind
And makes you take action
And you’re obsessed that’s how it goes.

Flossing jiggy in my Lexus, pase por tu colegio
Me informan que te fuiste, going crazy I ran with you
Te busque y no te encontraba, y eso me preocupaba
Para calmar mi ancia yo te queria llamar
But I didn’t have your digits, and your girl just kept on dissin’
And I know she must’ve liked me, me miraba con pasion
Baby, baby, I need your love stop your frontin’ and give it up
sabes bien que soy el mejor.
Wanna be your Romeo.

No, yo se que no es amor
What you’re feeling for me(what is it… what is it?)
Se llama obsesion (rip my heart)
Una ilusion en tu pensamiento
Que te hace hacer cosas
Asi funciona el corazon.

Judy no por favor, I’m gonna tell yourman that he gotta go
Cuz I’m the one that’s gonna stay in control
And I wanna be your man
I wanna feel your butt, wanna feel your breast
I wanna be the first and last to take yo

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