Testo Once Was – Marc Almond

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Testo della canzone Once Was di Marc Almond
Album: Miscellaneous
Marc Almond – Once Was

The little lights are dancing
And the clock on the wall is announcing another day
I keep hearing things you used to say
The way
And your mouth so dry
As you fake the kiss
Playing the part you do best you can
Lying there naked across the sheets
Like a lizard in the sand
Becoming me and failing to see
The little girl you’ve become
And you fall as you slink across the room
Your lips parted in a kiss
Parading your flesh in the way you know best
Like a broken seductress
I’m casting my mind back to my fourteenth year
When I learnt about what we call the pleasure of love
And it was new to me then
And a wave of sadness shivers my skin
As I think about what can never be felt again
As I think about what never can be felt again

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