Testo One Child, One Day – Reba Mcentire

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Testo della canzone One Child, One Day di Reba Mcentire
(gerry house, layng martine, jr.)

Three wise men, a shining star
A mother and a father who had come so far
How could they know about their son
And the miracle he’d become
That he held the soul of man
In his tiny little hands

One child one day
And the universe will never be the same
From bethlehem
Cause the angels’ voices rejoicing in his name
Oh, and i believe with all my heart
That he will show the way
And you and i will meet
One child one day

A small white church, a mountainside
Cathedrals filled with music, and golden light
Oh, we gather everywhere
For the peace that’s always there
For the story that is told
Of a birth so long ago

Repeat chorus

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