Testo One Love Stand – Carly Simon

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Testo della canzone One Love Stand di Carly Simon
Album: Another Passenger
It’s been a one man show that I’ve been runnin’
On a two way street for love
I see no end to the dead end
‘Til you came back home
I’ve tried everything to keep remembering

One good woman
One good man
Two shots of happiness in one life span
It takes one good woman and one good man
To make one love stand

The only thing that hurts is the memory
Of having once lived by myself
I tried every kind of hustlin’ man
I put my love out on the shelf
He took everything and left my ears ringing

I feel at home in a foreign land
You know what’s next when there’s nothing planned
I’m talking ‘bout love
You know it takes two
He took everything and left my ears ringing

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