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Testo della canzone One dei Pokemon
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Now I can begin to tell the story
A legend’s not a legend ‘til it ends
Together we can celebrate the glory
My friends, my friends

It’s amazing to think you can do anything
When you believe in yourself

One voice can make a difference
One move can go the distance
The greatest battles have been overcome
With one heart, one mind
By one love, one life
That’s the power of one

Anybody here can be the hero
You could even change history
We do today to save tomorrow
(Save tomorrow)
For you and for me

So whoever you are
And wherever you’re from
Prove it to the rest of the world


(Things around)
Things around are coming
(Nowhere left)
There’s nowhere left to run
(Rise to meet)
Rise to meet the challenge
Believe in the power of one


That’s the power of one

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