Testo Opportunity – Elvis Costello

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Album: Get Happy
Testo della canzone Opportunity di Elvis Costello
born in the middle of the second big baby boom
those noisy boys just might have spoken up too soon
now I’m looking for a little girl I wonder where she’s gone
big money for families having more than one

opportunity, opportunity
this is your big opportunity
to shop around, follow you without a sound
what ever you do now, don’t turn around
don’t turn around

what ever happened to the pride of the nation
they say they’re waiting till they break formation
she was sittin’ pretty on a velvet cushion
but her bedroom eyes were like a button she was pushing
she said when they get to dover they’ll be taking over
said I’ll come to her defense then she’ll pull me over


I’m in the foxhole I’m down in the trench
I’d be a hero but I can’t stand the stench
the fitness institute is for the general motor man
the holo house of beauty wouldn’t stand a chance with them
the chairman of this board’ll use a compliment collector
I’d like to be his funeral director


please don’t turn around
please don’t turn around
don’t turn around
don’t turn around
don’t turn around
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